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LABOUR UNDER ATTACKIt takes pain and not pleasure for a worker to survive under vulnerable harsh conditions. The country is at crossroads to make a crucial choice between the demands of industry for labour laws that are in consonance with the constitutional mandate for a welfare state. The need to introduce labour reforms under banner of "Shramev Jayatey" is vague promise to play with livelihood of working class people.Narendra Modi led BJP government went ahead in full steam to simplify labour laws. Here are some examples-Indian government ratified International Labour Organization (ILO)
Convention 87 which deals with the right to organization,
Convention 81 says labour inspection  system free of external influences. It is being directly violated.
Convention 98 which targets collective bargaining.
Convention 160 of the Labour Statistics Convention 1985. The relevance of labour statistics is seriously undermined by the dominant neoliberal  ideology which seeks to cover up and …