Indian Workers On Strike

Britishers left India but part of their draconian law still remains prevalent in our country. Still after Independence we the people & our rights remains on stake, remains exploited. Such an example are exploited citizens are workers of this country.
Present Government of India is carrying legacy of suppressing the weaker section, the working class people. Crushing of labour rights has happened. Important Conventions of international Labour Organization (ILO) were distorted. For Example-

Convention 87- Freedom of Association & Protection of Right to Organized Convention.

Convention 98- Right to Organize & Collective Bargaining Convention.

Witnessing all these violations of labour laws with implementation of anti-people policies, Central Trade Unions (CTU's) decided to agitate & protest against Government's policies. 2nd September 2015, marks historic All India Strike by Proletariat class.

Inquilab Zindabad
Long Live Proletariat!


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