Naujawan Bharat Sabha- Pillar of Secularism

An Extract from
Manifesto of Naujawan Bharat Sabha(NBS)-

"We Indians, what we are we doing? A branch of peepal tree is cut & religious feelings of the Hindus are injured. A corner of paper idol, tazia, of the idol-breaker Mohammedans is broken, & Allah gets enraged, who cannot be satisfied with anything less than the blood of the infidel Hindus. Man ought to be attached more importance than the animals and, yet here in India, they break each other's heads in the name of 'sacred  animals'.

It was written & published by Bhagwati Charan Vohra in 1926, man in 1st pic & NBS was formed by diehard efforts of Bhagat Singh along with Sukhdev & Comrade Ram Chander in 2nd pic. NBS was an open organization of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association(HSRA).These lines are so much relevant in today's conditions of our nation.

Inquilab Zindabad!
Saamrajyavaad ka naash ho!

Long Live Revolution!
Down with Imperialism!


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