27th February Marks martyrdom of a fearless action man
Chandrasekhar Sitaram Tiwari alias Chandrasekhar Azad. A boy who started his journey with his 1st arrest at age of 15 confronting questions of Magistrate.

Later rose up to undertake Kakori Dacoity, Saunders murder, Assembly Bomb Outrage, etc. Azad was the leader of HSRA which with full consciousness accepted Scientific Socialism which envisioned Independent India with universal brotherhood and equality. His leadership ability did keep everyone enthusiastic, his deep humanitarian attitude pampered fellow compatriots like a guardian. These qualities of this revolutionary keeps him on a different respected high pedastal of Indian revolutionary movement.

Hearty Revolutionary Salute to this incredible contributor of our nation's freedom struggle!-

Saurav Kumar,
Bhagat Singh Research Committee!


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