Its birthday of the Wizard of Words, the man of many parts, who as a journalist -

has covered coup in Maldives to war in Sri Lanka, natural disaster to man-made disaster, operation blue star to Indira Gandhi's assassination, election rallies to political drama,

an authority when it comes to know Kashmir & Bihar,

whose satirical, sarcastic Sunday piece of Lazy Eye in The Telegraph giving reality check of contemporary time remains, unmatchable,

who surprises all of us whenever he picks up the painting brush and by his depth when it's all about Cricket,

a die-hard fan of langda aam, the prideful inheritor of Darbhanga's intellectual legacy & Maithili culture,

a doughty fighter with pen when it comes to represent nation's impeccable anti-establishment journalism-

An inspiration for many and hope for all, he is none other than
"The Collar Up Man" Sankarshan Thakur
Wish him a very “Happy Birthday”


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