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Its birthday of the Wizard of Words, the man of many parts, who as a journalist -
has covered coup in Maldives to war in Sri Lanka, natural disaster to man-made disaster, operation blue star to Indira Gandhi's assassination, election rallies to political drama,
an authority when it comes to know Kashmir & Bihar,
whose satirical, sarcastic Sunday piece of Lazy Eye in The Telegraph giving reality check of contemporary time remains, unmatchable,
who surprises all of us whenever he picks up the painting brush and by his depth when it's all about Cricket,
a die-hard fan of langda aam, the prideful inheritor of Darbhanga's intellectual legacy & Maithili culture,
a doughty fighter with pen when it comes to represent nation's impeccable anti-establishment journalism-
An inspiration for many and hope for all, he is none other than "The Collar Up Man" Sankarshan Thakur Wish him a very “Happy Birthday”

अंतराष्ट्रीय मज़दूर दिवस २०१८

ये जंग है जंगे आज़ादी
आज़ादी के परचम के तले ।

हम हिन्द के रहने वालों की, महकूमों की मजबूरों की
आज़ादी के मतवालों की दहक़ानो की मज़दूरों की

ये जंग है जंगे आज़ादी
आज़ादी के परचम के तले ।

सारा संसार हमारा है, पूरब पच्छिम उत्तर दक्कन
हम अफ़रंगी हम अमरीकी हम चीनी जांबाज़ाने वतन
हम सुर्ख़ सिपाही जुल्म शिकन, आहनपैकर फ़ौलादबदन ।

ये जंग है जंगे आज़ादी
आज़ादी के परचम के तले ।

वो जंग ही क्या वो अमन ही क्या दुश्मन जिसमें ताराज न हो
वो दुनिया दुनिया क्या होगी जिस दुनिया में स्वराज न हो
वो आज़ादी आज़ादी क्या मज़दूर का जिसमें राज न हो ।

ये जंग है जंगे आज़ादी
आज़ादी के परचम के तले ।

लो सुर्ख़ सवेरा आता है, आज़ादी का आज़ादी का
गुलनार तराना गाता है, आज़ादी का आज़ादी का
देखो परचम लहराता है, आज़ादी का आज़ादी का ।

ये जंग है जंगे आज़ादी
आज़ादी के परचम के तले ।

मख़दूम मोहिउद्दीन की ये पंक्तियाँ आज मज़दूर दिवस पर याद करने से ज़्यादा समझने के ज़रूरत है।-

"हिंदुस्तान एक आज़ाद देश बहुत तकलीफों से उभर कर बना है, पर इस देश में कड़ोड़ो मज़दूर आज़ाद नहीं है इन मज़दूरों की भागी दारी आज़ादी के सात दसक बाद भी अंधेरे में ह…

The Role of Bhagat Singh and Revolutionaries in Indian Freedom Struggle

Hindutva’s Desperate Attempt to Use Bhagat Singh Against Love


"Love always elevates the character of man. It never lowers him, wrote the young revolutionary in a letter to his comrade in 1929."

Come Valentine’s Day, and the Hindutva brigade – comprising organisations such as the Bajrang Dal, Hindu Vahini Sena, Shiv Sena etc –  start gearing up to unleash violence on young couples. In the past few years, hooliganism has marked this day in every big city and town. The main reason for this is the Hindutva brigade’s view that Valentine’s Day is against “our culture and tradition”. However, this vicious campaign is not limited to ‘tradition’. Fresh efforts are being made by these organisations to stop Valentine’s Day celebrations by conducting an orchestrated propaganda linking Valentine’s Day with revolutionary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh’s martyrdom day. It is well known that when it comes to twisting facts, appropriating icons of India’s freedom move…


Last post on revealing Bihar's ailing conditions of its premier government (PMCH, Patna) hospital is an established fact and reality. Yesterday Government of India's planning body, NITI AAYOG led by Amitabh Kant released annual report on performance of Indian states in Healthcare. The healthcare index was for year (2015-2016). According to this report, Kerala is among the best performers whereas in bottom three states, Bihar is considered as worst performer in terms of healthcare. Here are the report-.

Above pictures show apathetic behavior of Government of Bihar towards basic need of its people i.,e. healthcare. Chart 6 clearly shows the unspend status of state’s healthcare budget. The health budget for Bih…


It is an effort to show the reality of so called “SUSHASHAN” of Bihar and its impact on healthcare system, which is bitter, insane and demands immediate intervention of public expenditure with its proper allocation and execution. This visit was undertaken by me as an anonymous visitor from 25th July-4th August 2017. The below mentioned information was result of 7 days of visit to Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH). 

Day 1and 2- Emergency Ward- Patients are seen lying on both side of the corridor pathway. Few on ground and few on hospital bed. The saline bottles were seen hanging with support of electrical wire in ward. A Patient with oxygen mask was seen lying down without a bed.Even two families were seen quarreling over hospital bed. (Picture 1, 2, 3