It is an effort to show the reality of so called “SUSHASHAN” of Bihar and its impact on healthcare system, which is bitter, insane and demands immediate intervention of public expenditure with its proper allocation and execution. This visit was undertaken by me as an anonymous visitor from 25th July-4th August 2017. The below mentioned information was result of 7 days of visit to Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH). 

Day 1and 2- Emergency Ward- Patients are seen lying on both side of the corridor pathway. Few on ground and few on hospital bed. The saline bottles were seen hanging with support of electrical wire in ward. A Patient with oxygen mask was seen lying down without a bed.  Even two families were seen quarreling over hospital bed. (Picture 1, 2, 3https://youtu.be/0h9585-jqFA

Day 3- Orthopedics Ward- A middle aged women from Buxar was found waiting since 14 days for her operation of left leg which was put on hold by doctors. The reason was the bed on which operation would happen was broken. Ranjan Kumar, a resident of West Champaran was in PMCH for his mother’s treatment remains disappointed by lack of basic amenities like toilet, water, food. Behavior and irregular attitude of hospital staffs and doctor too were among reasons of dissatisfaction. (Picture-4) https://youtu.be/OvRDOCJLOcY

Day 4- Burn Ward-The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) had an unimaginable view. It had no restriction or time based entry system. It had strength of six patients. Patients had their acquaintances along with them without any preventive measure against infection. They just had a mosquito net as their body cover. (Picture 5, 6) https://youtu.be/k5CwDFD-4Iw  

Day 5- Pediatrics Ward- The pediatric ward is under constant visit of doctors and nurse but has a limitation of sufficient space. The bed arrangement of children is a bit chaotic which can easily lead to transmission of infection. (Picture 7) https://youtu.be/moDE1U5cCas

Day 6- Overview of Basic Amenities- The water and food supply is improper. There are only two water filters with just one in working condition. To fetch water is to be part of long queue which often leads to chaos and quarrel. The food provided to patients by hospital management is without protection. The food container without any cover moves around in different wards on a hospital bed. There is no canteen for visitors or acquaintances of patients. Acquaintances of patients prepare food by themselves sitting beside an open drain and sewage area of hospital building.  There is an open space near main entrance of hospital with water taps. This space is used for taking bath both by men and women. The worst part is, people who use this space for taking bath need to pay rupees 10/- to a private vendor who sits just beside this area. (Picture 8, 9, 10) https://youtu.be/gi4Twr0aKQg

Day 7 Interaction with Visitor, Vendor, Security Personal- I interacted with several people who either were visitor or acquaintance of patients, vendor and security guard. The first and common concern was scarcity of hospital bed. Incidents of quarrel among needy people are often seen. In had a audio-visual interaction with three acquaintances of patients from East and West Champaran. Their main complaint was unavailability of medicine within premises of PMCH. They are compelled to purchase medicines from private medicine shops which increases their economic burden. The owner of a small shop just beside exit door of PMCH expressed his concern on hospital. His experience of 8 years on treatment, facilities, management is a depressing truth. In reply to a question whether he will opt PMCH for treatment or not, he refused by saying, “this place has put many lives in risk, all those who are poor and are from unstable economic background come to PMCH in compulsion”. Somewhat same reply was of security guard of SBI ATM, near hospital. In simple words he said, “Only economically weak people come to PMCH keeping their lives on risk. I never saw a VVIP or any rich person coming to Bihar’s largest government hospital”. There is no waiting area in hospital premises. The same is with Pediatrics building. Visitors sit in open air under a tree irrespective any whether condition. https://youtu.be/OWtpEj-_TLQ
A STATE WITH FASTEST GDP GROWTH IS POOR IN HEALTH CARE has majority of population who fail to afford private healthcare, undertake a risk of getting treated at a government hospital like PMCH, Patna. This “Sushashan” model is questionable which has failed to fulfill basic requirements of people of Bihar. https://www.telegraphindia.com/1161212/jsp/frontpage/story_124244.jsp
Even according reports of RBI, the allocated funds to Bihar government has not been utilized by elected representatives of the state. https://rbi.org.in/scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=3050 Chart 6 clearly shows the unused status of state’s healthcare budget. Even if the budget allocation for healthcare has risen in couple of years, the bad condition of premier government hospital remains unchanged.


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