A Disgrace to Nation- Untouchability

The problem of Untouchability (1928)- "Bhagat Singh made a scathing attack on the philosophy (karmvipak) of Hinduism, which provides a rationale to a most heinous system of untouchability and caste hierarchy and links the fight against untouchability to revolutionary politics, which shows a concrete understanding of the linkages of religion with caste system in India. He criticised the orthodox social elements as well as the leaders like M. M. Malviya getting publicly garlanded by a scavenger and then purifying himself by taking bath with the clothes. He invokes the principle of equality and demands to abolish the ideas and of discrimination based on birth or social division of labour. He criticises the hierarchical system that treats inhumanly the very sections that render the most essential, most basic services to the society. Finally, he suggests that unless the untouchables – the backbone of this country – organise themselves, the problem of untouchability will find no solution."
In recent times our nation had witnessed frequent occurrence of atrocities on low caste people, minorities, Dalits, etc. For example-
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued notice to the Gujarat government over the issue of a separate Anganwadi for the Dalit children in Hajipur village of Patan district. The Commission has taken suo motu cognizance of a media report that there are two separate Anganwadis, one for the children of Dalits and the other for the children of other castes, in Gujarat's Hajipur village.
The report stated that a three-year-old Dalit girl, who was lost in conversation with her four-year-old neighbour friend, walked towards Anganwadi no. 160 but was stopped at the gate and asked to go to Anganwadi no. 159 that was meant for Dalits. Anganwadi no. 160 is meant for the children of Patidars and Brahmins.
Few months ago, present NDA government passed SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Bill (POA) in lower house but question is will it make a difference? Best provision under this law is filing of a case by Dalit but also a big flaw lies which states that under this law only Hindu, Sikh & Buddhist Dalits are considered as Dalits & not Muslim or Christian Dalits. Its a serious flaw underlining discrimination.
Indian Judiciary in a caste oriented Country has chosen to treat atrocities rooted in caste like a "normal crime". All said & done, law alone do not deter atrocities; convictions do.
It can be concluded that three sided action is needed, One by the Dalit community, they need to educate, organize & agitate themselves for their own right & Secondly all four pillars of Indian democracy must come ahead with loyalty to rescue this section of suffering Indians & thirdly we the part of society should understand that humanity stands ahead than any caste or religion.
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