Glimpse of Intellectuality

Bhagat Singh is only remembered as a fighter revolutionary carrying a gun with him all the time but this is a wrong notion being set as thinking among us. A highlight on his intellectual efforts.

As per Shiv Verma, close associate of Bhagat Singh from U.P, his thirst for reading books was something unique. As estimated..

He read 50 books during his Schooltime;
200 books before his 1st arrest in 1921
Approximately 300 books during imprisonment of 716 days from 8th April, 1929- 23rd March 1931.
Merely at age of 23 years,5months, 25days, a persons reading voraciously is unimaginable. But this was done in reality.

According to his nephew, Prof. Jagmohan Singh, Bhagat Singh established a library of 175 books by around 70 authors at Agra where Assembly bomb attack was planned. Even on 23rd March, on the day he was hanged, he was reading V.I.Lenin's "State and Revolution".

The Intellectual side of Indian Revolution has always remained weak but to overcome this at present we need to think & work beyond conventional concepts of our own subjects in which master. Being a specialist we have to act like a generalist.

Inquilab Zindabad.


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