Bhagat Singh & Inquilab Zindabad

Bhagat Singh is one of the revolutionaries from galaxy of India's freedom struggle who gave a new rejuvenating slogan of Long Live Revolution, Inquilab Zindabad because till then India's slogan for freedom was Vande Matram. Not only giving a slogan but also defined it with its core meaning.

Long Live Revolution- It represented the outlook; the revolutionary movement will not stop at the achievement of freedom; it will continue till the system which permits the exploitation of man by man or a nation by another nation is abolished and a basic change in socio-economic structure of society is brought about.

Long Live Proletariat – It means this belongs to the toiling mass of working class & proletariat the driving force of the revolution- a slogan that is being sought to be dropped today by the betrayers of Socialism. What is unfortunate is that some of our old revolutionaries who profess by Socialism have also fallen prey to this trend and emphasize the 1st & 3rd slogan bypassing the 2nd.

Down with Imperialism- he defines it by saying “A slave nation cannot establish a classless society, abolishing exploitation and bring about equality amongst the men. For such a nation first and foremost task is to break the chains of Imperialist domination that binds it.In other words revolution in a slave country has to be Anti-Imperialistic and Anti-Colonial.”.

An important point to be noted is Bhagat Singh was opposed to whole system of Imperialistic rule & not only against British imperialism, so his slogan was Down with Imperialism.


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