A Humble Hearty Request

Mother of Bhagat Singh, Smt. Vidyawati Ji's appeal to youth section of our society proves one thing very clear, that India either colonial or independent, needs involvement of its youth force in decision making and being integral part of Socio-Political sphere. If politics decides our life pattern with roller coaster rides, we must choose our politics.
Bhagat Singh stood to build up Society on Socialistic base with universal brotherhood, equality for all rejecting exploitation of man by man and country by country. Since many years this truth is on track to be misappropriated by extream right Hindu fringe elements like Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena.
The question is not to own Bhagat Singh on one's own side but to face truth for what purpose Bhagat Singh gave up his life.
Was it for a Hindu Nation or an Islamic state or for an Egalitarian India?


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